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 by Oscar DeMicheli


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The first and sole system for global management of race cars.
For team :  f1,  f3000,  f3,  Supertourism,  ITC,  DTM, GT1, f.E.
Hardware :  pen computer, iPad, infrared for car, radio wirless.
Software: Windows XP with pen extension, data base Access

Automatic acquisition laps time
Radio RF conneted with pit line
Complete car set up
Remarks driver
Remarks tecnichal notes
Automatic create run sheet
Calculate chilometer spare parts
Calculate critical spare parts
Calculate fuel consumption
Briefing tyres and control tyres set
Map all circuit
Calculate speed and drop R.P.M.
Simulation and comparision of three different gear box solutions
Simulation and calculation Pit Stop
Auto memory table
Job list for mechanics
Insert all best times and automatic calculation final results
Automemory and search all run sheet
Global summary tests
Export data to Excel or Word
Run sheet exchange between two computers
Complete use software without keyboard (4500 buttom)
Automatic voice recorder running by running
Voice recorder for notes, setup, briefing, spare parts.

This program has already been used in effective way since 1995 by the following Team :

Team System n.             Reference
AUDI Sport     10                     Mr. Dieter Gass
OPEL (ITC)       2                     Mr. Sergio Rinland
AMG MERCEDES       2                     Mr. Josef Spelic
WILLIAMS RENAULT       4                     Mr. Didie Bebae
VAUXHALL       2                     Mr. Massimo Del Prete
EUROTEAM ALFA ROMEO       2                     Mr. Gabriele Seresina
LOTUS TEAM       2                     Mr. Tommaso Carletti
TOYOTA F.1.       2                     Mr. Dieter Gass
PIRELLI       5                     Mr. Luca Canobbio

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